USS Orion AS-18

Scrapping in Baltimore, MD



Another view of Orion's hull waiting to be dragged onto the ways. The large yellow block with cables to the left will be attached to one of the sets of chains that are attached to Orion down her sides. Then she will be slowly pulled up out of the water.

The large white ship heading out under the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the background is the Hospital Ship USNS Comfort, based in Baltimore.


Another view of Orion with the Comfort heading out behind her.


After the first pull, Orion rests on the ways with her bow high and dry.


A close-up view of Orion's bow.

She has an interesting feature at the lower point of the bow - a hook of some sort. Does anyone know what this was for?


This image was taken after the forward portion of Orion had already been cut away.


A view of the large shear cutting away pieces of Orion's hull.